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Seven Fishes Feast For Christmas Eve Dinner

My husband is American-Italian and there’s a traditional meal that doesn’t float his boat and it’s Christmas Eve dinner of “The Feast of The Seven Fishes”.  Too many of, well, really most of the dishes that his family made for their table he couldn’t eat, he has Shell Seafood allergies.  When he met me, I was his partner in that boat.  This year, I figured, why does it have to be that way?  Can’t I make what we like?  So I did some research on the Internet, and here’s what I found.  You can make pretty much any 7 seafood dishes and call it Seven Fishes!  YAY!  So here’s what I made.

Imitation Krab Cocktail

Imitation Krab Cocktail

This is easy: flake or chunk up some Imitation Krab in a bowl with some diced celery for the crunch factor.  In another small bowl, mix together Ketchup, Horseradish, Lemon or Lime juice and Worcestershire sauce, all to your taste.  Combine the sauce with the Krab and serve cold.

Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp Cocktail (for me, I’m not allergic).

Buy some lovely precooked peeled Shrimp; add some of that Cocktail Sauce you just made for the Krab, into a small serving dish and arrange the Shrimp in a pleasing manner to you.

Smoked Trout and Radish Crostini

On some store bought toasts, stack some thinly sliced Radish and a small chunk of Smoked Trout.  If you’re NOT my husband, add a dollop of Sour Cream or Creme Fraiche.

Limu (Seaweed) Ahi Poke

Find the freshest Ahi (Tuna) that you can; cut it up into bite sized pieces and follow the package directions on Noh Poke Mix.  I used a quarter of the package to a half pound of cubed fish and some chopped Green Onions for a splash of color, oh and a sprinkle of Sesame Seeds for interest.  Mix gently.

Shoyu Ahi Poke

Shoyu Ahi Poke

It’s just what it sounds like.  Once again, add diced fresh Ahi (Tuna), Sweet White Onions and chopped Green Onions to a bowl and pour in as much Soy Sauce as you wish.  Toss and serve cold.

Lomi Lomi Salmon

Lomi Lomi Salmon

We’ve talk about this dish before here, “Lomi Lomi Salmon, It’s Time For Another Luau”, `member?  Well, the last time I made Salt Salmon, I made enough for 3 recipes, so I froze 2 of the hunks of fish for later.

TJ's Mini Pizzas w/Anchovies

Trader Joe’s frozen Mini Pizzas topped with Anchovies (ack, not my fave)

Perpare the Mini Pizzas as directed and top as you like with pieces of Anchovies.  DH went nuts for this one.  ACK!  As you can see on the platter, there are some pizzas without that stinky fish for me.

Kappa Maki Sushi

Lastly, just because this was turning into a Hawaiian-American-Italian feast, Cucumber Maki Sushi.  We’ve made this dish before too.  Take a deep breath, it’s really not as difficult as you may think.

Christmas Eve 2015 Dinner

Our Christmas Eve Table.

Mele Kalikimaka, Merry Christmas, buon Natale

Seafood Pasta Supper

We love seafood, well, you know being from Hawaii. Now that we live in the middle of the desert, it’s a little difficult to find anything fresh. While out shopping the other day, I spied frozen Green lip Mussels from New Zealand, my husband’s favorite, and Jumbo Shrimp, mmm…

seafood pasta dinner

I can’t eat Mussels and my husband can’t eat Shrimp, so I made two different dishes for our supper last night.

Mussels Marinara with Rigatoni

My Husband’s plate of Rigatoni and Mussels Marinara

The Mussels Marinara is a super easy dish to make.

Simply wash the mollusks, remove them from the shell and be sure to get any beards. Next, throw the meat of the Mussels into a pot with just a splash of white wine or water, cover and steam gently until barely cooked through, about 3-6 minutes, depending on their size. Drain well; toss in your favorite sauce (I already talked about my Marinara that I canned and have at the ready at all times) and heat. Serve over your choice of pasta, maybe some polenta or straight up.

My bowl, Shrimp Scampi-style with orecchiette and lots of fresh Italian Parsley

My bowl, Shrimp Scampi-style with orecchiette and lots of fresh Italian Parsley

For the Shrimps, I made them Scampi-style, one of my favs.

Again, very simple.

In a medium sized pan, melt equal amounts of butter and olive oil (I used about 2 tablespoons of each, I like a lot of sauce to dip my bread in) on a low heat. Add in as much minced garlic as you like (I put in 4 LARGE cloves). Just before the garlic starts to color, add in the cleaned shrimps; as soon as you see some pink on the crustaceans, turn and add in your el dente pasta (I used orecchiette) and a splash of white wine along with as much chopped flat leaf parsley as you wish. Finish sautéing for about another minute or so, until the Shrimp is just done.

It’s a nice touch just before you place the bowl in front of your guest to sprinkle with more chopped fresh parsley and Parmesan (I shaved the cheese this time for effect).   A slice or two of a good quality bread, a glass of wine and I’m very happy.


*Note: If you can find the New Zealand Green lipped Mussels, do try them.  They are so much larger and very plump and juicy, much better.  You can usually find them in the freezer case on the half shell, par steamed.


An Afternoon Off From The Kitchen


My Mother has been staying with us for the past couple of weeks.  Yesterday, I took her to have her hair done and next door to the Salon is this great restaurant. DH is not a fan of this place, so we only go to eat there when it’s a girls’ day out.

Lunch out with my Mother

We had not been there for some time and they have remodeled the interior. It’s gorgeous in soothing blue tones and clean white walls. It was a warm and sunny day for a change so the patio tables were all taken, that was okay though. I tried to take photos as inconspicuously as I could, but that didn’t work out. I did get pics of the food in front of us.

Ciabatta with dipping Oil

Our server was wonderful. She asked if we had come in recently, as they had undergone some changes. She went over the menu and brought us some Ciabatta and Olive Oil flavored with Parmesan cheese and herbs for dipping.  This bread was so good not only in taste, but the smell!  I stuck my nose in it and inhaled deeply, AHHH!

Fish & Chips

My Mother ordered the Beer battered Cod with French fries, Cole Slaw and a Caper Aioli.  Just look at that, need I say more?

Perfectly cooked fish

The fish was cooked perfectly. I have found that folks here on the Mainland cook their fish way past done. This Cod was so moist and nicely flaky with the batter clinging to it beautifully.

Crisp Calamari Salad

Here’s where I start to drool.

I have been dreaming of this plate for quite some time, and now finally, finally it was there for me to savor.

Crisp Calamari Salad with mizuna greens and yuzu/sesame dressing, fantastic. The flavors all bounced off of each other in perfect harmony. A glass of Pinot Grigio rounded out my meal.

We looked, just looked at the dessert menu.

Honestly, we didn’t have enough room left for anything more.

Try This Seadfood Salad

Tako, Octopus, Pulpo, Krake, He’e, in any language, it’s wonderful.

Tako Poke

As a young person, I would go spear-fishing often and I sought out those shy creators. I’m not very good at cooking this cephalopod, so now, here in the middle of the desert, I find it already cooked. We have an Asian Market about a 45 minute drive from us and they carry all kinds of goodies that DH and I look for, like Tako. The Asian influence is very strong in Hawaii, so is fishing; there are many dishes that start with Octopus.

Poke, pronounced POO-KAY, is a salad or appetizer made of your choice of seafood, with or with any vegetables. You can use raw or cooked products. There are as many Poke recipes as there are people in kitchens. I’ve read some cookbooks that have any number of ingredients, but in my book, the simpler the better.

Tako Poke Ingredients

Tako Poke

1/4 lb. cooked Octopus, chopped or sliced thin

1/2 of a large Sweet White Onion, rough chopped

2-3 Green Onions, thinly sliced

3 Tbsp. Soy Sauce

1 tsp. Sesame Oil

1/8 tsp. Red Pepper Flakes

1/4 tsp. toasted Sesame Seeds

In a large bowl, add all of the above ingredients and mix well.

Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for about 1 hour to allow the flavors to marry.

Tako Poke

Try this at your next potluck or cocktail party. Don’t tell anyone what it is, other than it’s a Hawaiian dish that you found. I did this recently at a friend’s home. I wasn’t sure if I should do that, but DH said that if no one ate it, that’s okay, he would.

Here’s how I look at a new recipe that I want to try, I make a smaller portion of it. That way if we don’t care for it, no harm, no foul.