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Hauoli Makahiki Hou! Happy New Year!!

Here’s to a great New Year!


Food (Or Adult Beverages) As Gifts

I’m certain that we’ve talked about Food As Gifts before, but it seems that the month of July held many birthdays for my new Neighborhood Gal Pals.

I was poking around in the dollar store and found this Wine Tumbler in the Party Section …

Ssshhhh!  We don’t need to tell anyone where we got them, just that they’re uber cute, don’t you think.  ⭐

Add a bottle of Sparkling Wine or your Pal’s favorite libation, a Cello Gift Bag with a cardboard Cake Round for support, colorful ribbon, and you’re set.

One of our Gal Pals is a Kirkland Signature Ready To Drink Golden Margarita fan …

What adorable packaging (even if I do say so myself)!  Dollar Tree has some great stuff.  That’s two different ready-made bows that I put together, some white tissue paper and clear Cello Wrap, cute!

It’s loads of fun dreaming up different Gifts of Food AND Adult Beverages for your Pals!!


Something New To Drink

My DH does not imbibe any longer, other than the rare Baileys Irish Cream over rocks, his drink of choice.  For me, I’m a wino.  Back in the day I would have mixed drinks; my usual was a greyhound, vodka and grapefruit juice or a vodka Collins.  Somewhere along the years I’ve lost my taste of hard liquor and moved completely over to wine.  As kids, we were allowed a small cordial glass of wine with special occasion meals.  When I say kid, I mean around 15 or 16 years old, it’s not  like I was swilling vino from the age of 5!  But my father did give me an appreciation for good wine, both still and sparkling.  Today, I just look for what I like.

Turing Leaf Refresh

I found this wine at the little convenience store down the road a piece from us, amazing enough.  This is very nice, a little bit of bubble to it, some great fresh fruit back notes and as the name implies, refreshing on a warm day, sitting on the back lanai waiting for the grill to heat up.  Turning Leaf makes Refresh in three varietals, Crisp White, Moscato and a Red Moscato.  When I did a google search, the vintner recommends trying Refresh in different ways, such as in a mimosa…