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Crushed Pineapple Coffee Cake FAIL!

The other day I was going through the `Fridge as I do from time to time, just to make that nothing has gotten pushed to the far recess and forgotten.  I found a cup or so of canned crushed Pineapple leftover from a recipe that I can’t remember what.  Hmmm, that means it’s been there for a while and really should be used up.

I did a quick Internet search for recipes that called for just such an ingredient and found a Coffee Cake recipe, perfect!  I had all of the other items necessary, so let’s bake.

That didn’t work out very well, now did it.

Sometimes you have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and say, adios as you dump that sucker in the trash.   It wasn’t fit for man nor beast, ACK!  I followed the recipe to the letter, I don’t think that we need to mention that recipe though. 😉

Oh well, we all have an off day now and again.

Pot Pie Fail

You remember my post a while back about Pot Pie For My Husband, right?

Well, it’s been quite some time since I last made this uber yummy dish, so here we go…

Looks good Chicken Pot Pie

It looks good, but, hmmm.  I didn’t have any butter, so I used Vegetable Shortening instead.  As I was making the dough for the crust, it just didn’t feel right, y’know?

Chicken Pot Pie made with Crisco

It smelled heavenly!  I let is cool for a bit before we dove in …

Chicken Pot Pie

NOPE!  That’s a fail alright.  WAY  too crumble-y, not enough gravy and kinda dry inside.

SO!  Lesson learned.  Stick with what is already tried-and-true. But that’s okay, we all have an oops now and again.



They Say That You Start To Look Alike As You Age

My husband and I have been together now for nearly 30 years, Yup!

I was reading an article not so long ago (I think it was in the AARP magazine as a matter of fact, HA!) that as couples age, they start to look alike.

Oh My GOSH! We've started to dress alike!

I can not tell you how many times my husband and I have gotten dressed for the day (we have separate dressing areas) and come out with similar clothing on!  Some times we don’t even notice until someone else points this out, like Mrs. DF when we all had gone out one Sunday afternoon and she turns to me and says, “You two are so funny.  Do you always dress alike?”

Enjoy your day!

Where’s My Grill?

I may or may not have shared that my husband and I have sold our home and have moved to Central/Northern Arizona back in May.  Technically, we’re still “In the middle of the desert”, now it’s the High Desert.

As we were packing up all of our things in preparation for our big move, I made the decision that my Weber Little Smokey Joe grill would not be coming with us.

So I made up some handwritten “FREE” signs for him and his pal Weber Rapidfire Chimney and took them out to the main road from our place. I also left in the Chimney, the remains of the bag of charcoal and the stick lighter on the side of the road at a predominate intersection.
I bet my DH that they would be gone within 5 minutes… guess who won the bet?
They weren’t there 3 minutes (I clocked it) and they were GONE!

So, here we are going into Fall, and I still do not have a grill, neither charcoal nor propane.  Why do I tell this story at this juncture?  One of my blogging pals, Patrons of the Pit, was astonished that anyone could last this long without grilling.  My husband has already stated, numerous times, that the first we buy once our home is finished, is a pretty new grill.

Butter? I Don’t Like Butter!

EWWW, I don’t like butter on or in anything!”

Yup, that’s what my husband says, oh but add a whinny 12 year boy’s voice to that and you’ve nailed it!

Now, why am I telling you all this?  Well, the last couple of times that I’ve dashed into the Dollar Store to pick up some inexpensive plastic serving plates or bowls, he’s come in with me to “look around”.

Butter Cookies

This is what he’s bought from himself, each time!

Happy Saturday!

Very Strange Weather

How wacky is this?


This is what our mini weather station said today.  When we woke up early this morning, it was 36 degrees fahrenheit.  AND THEN, this afternoon it got all the way up to 102!



Cheesy Party Burgers, Not So Great

I don’t usually post recipes that we did not care for, but I had such high hopes for this one and have been wanting to try them.  We have been away on another road trip (I’ll tell about that in my next blog post) and finally got into the kitchen today.

Let’s go!

Cheesy Party Burgers (aka Diamond Burgers)

I found this recipe on Pinterest and was VERY disappointed with it.  Sorry guys, it’s just not very good at all.  DH used much stronger words to describe it after taking just one bite and he was done.  Way too much butter for the glaze on top, it came out as soggy, mushy bread and some ground beef, not appetizing.

I made this up for lunch today, and served it along with something called Summer Slaw that I found at the Deli counter in our local grocery store; I need to look that up or plead with the store manager for the recipe for that, it was DELICIOUS!

But the Cheesy Party Burgers were not a party.  But ya know, maybe your family might like these sliders, for us, not so much.