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Where Have You Been And Started To Sing … ? ~ Part 5

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”

The morning after a pretty good snow storm a coupla years back, DH and I took a drive up to the South Rim of The Grand Canyon… we don’t live terribly far away.
We took a picnic lunch, a thermos of hot Coffee and made a day of it.



Back Home In Hawaii ~ May 2019 ~ Part 2

Ya know when you go on a trip and you want to buy EVERYTHING to bring home? 

Yeah, NO!!

One must use restraint and NOT try to over do it!

I always pack a large, collapsible bag that I can jam all of our clothes in and then all the stuff  that I buy to bring back goes into the suitcase. This trip was no exception.

I had a bunch of frozen foods too, the usual suspects, S&S Saimin, Portuguese Sausage, etc… but forgot to take photos.

Now here’s the rub of this trip …

My husband has had his eye on this beautiful Koa Wood replica of the main Hawaiian Islands, FOR YEARS!

I had bought a hard-sided suitcase, small enough to take as a Carry-On, but large enough to pack-up fragile items to take back from Hawaii.

And that’s what blew out DH’s left bicep !!!

I had wrapped each ‘Island’ in Bubble-Wrap and very carefully packed these in the Carry-On bag, that we stashed in the overhead bin, for the Airplane ride back to Arizona.
It was easy going up, it was the trying to wrangle it back down that was the problem.

So ends this installment of our trip, but do please stay tuned as I continue through, backwards

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Back Home In Hawaii ~ May 2019 ~ Part 1

Geez, ya know what? It just dawned on me that we never talked about our trip back home to Oahu!  That was almost two years ago 

So let’s back this awfully strange train that we’ve been on ever since and start from the ending of our trip and work our way backwards. 

You’ll remember I posted that I had been absent for a time back then because my Dearest Husband had gotten injured, this was as we were dis-embarking our flight back to Arizona.


Yeah, so …  moving … backwards

Whenever we do fly back from Hawaii, we make our last stop before hitting the airport, ZIPPY’S!!!!

I need that last hit, because we won’t be having this again very soon

Sorry, I couldn’t wait to start eating!

I got us each a Zip Pac® for our on-board lunch (sorry Hawaiian Airlines, I don’t care for your free meals very much) and as the drink cart came past us I ordered a locally brewed Beer that our friend had introduced me to on this trip … Maui Brewing Co.’s Bikini Blonde

That was ONO (that’s delicious in Hawaiian) !!!!
So that was the end of our trip, but do please stay tuned as I continue through, backwards

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What’s Your Travel Bucket List Look Like?

So we started to talk about our Travel Bucket List and I was thinking that this would make for a great

It all started when I saw this, somewhere, I forget where :

I started marking off where I had been already:

… and tops on our future  travel bucket list is Horseshoe Bend!  It’s not very far from our house, so we’ve already got a plan ready to GOOOOOOOOO!

How’s about you?
Where would you like to go?
And it really doesn’t need to be in the US,
why not think global?

Of course this conversation is purely for entertainment sake.
In today’s World, we’re not going anywhere for a while 
but it’s fun to dream, isn’t it? 

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Where Have You Been And Started To Sing … ? ~ Part 4


I took this photograph May of 2019, on one of our last days back home in Honolulu Hawaii. The Sun was just going down and the colors grabbed me and chocked me up.

With tears rolling silently down my cheeks I sang …


Aloha Oe


Who would have known at the time that I probably will never return.

It’s been a very difficult year for everyone, but Hawaii has been hit extra hard and I’m certain that we won’t be able to go home again for a very, very long time.

“… one fond embrace, until we meet again.”

Where Have You Been And Started To Sing … ? ~ Part 3

… Somewhere along The Million Dollar Highway in Colorado, what a ride!

I have goose bumps just thinking back on this day back in 2014 … it was a cool and crisp Fall day, we were visiting friends in Durango and headed over the mountain after an early snow storm.

We pulled off the road to take photographs and it just tumbled out  …. “Rocky Mountain High … in Colorado … “

Funny thing, the other folks that had pulled off to gaze in awe, started to sing with me!

Where Have You Been And Started To Sing … ? ~ Part 2

posted a ways back about standing atop Pikes Peak in Colorado and found myself singing America The Beautiful, out loud mind you! 

Well, one of my blog followers had made mention the she’d like to read more about this series… Krystle, you’ve inspired me, mahalo, thank you friend!

There are many times that a song will pop into my head, especially when we’re traveling.
When we go home to Hawaii, there are more than I could count.

This is a photograph of my Husband that I took of him standing on the Beach on Oahu, our last day there back in 2015.
I was sitting at the Shore Break with huge Crocodile tears welling up in my eyes. Thank goodness DH didn’t see that, or hear my voice breaking as I softly sang to myself, Honolulu City Lights.

“… Bring me back again …”

Sorry Suitcases …


… but it’s lookin’ like we aren’t going anywhere any time SOON! 

I guess we’ll just have to wait this out, but the World as we knew it a few months ago may never be the same 

Here’s hoping! 

Where Have You Been and Started To Sing … ?

In the Summer of 2011, DH and I took a road trip and one
of the places that we went, that was SOOOOOOOO amazing,
was Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs.
We took the Cog Railway to the top, over 14,000 feet above sea level…


And yes, I did stand there, looking out over this gorgeous vista,
and sang America The Beautiful.
albeit was a little hard, being so out of breath,
but I did it, out loud!
I can see why Ms. Bates wrote this, WOW!!!
I think I just might turn this into a running series, because there have been so many places that we’ve traveled and I’ve started to sing songs that were inspired by that locale.
Where have you been?

Road Trip ~ Florida Back Home To Arizona ~ Oct-Nov 2019 ~ Part 6

Okay, now we need to put some serious miles in that rearview mirror,

Let’s Motor On!!



We stopped for the night in Forrest City, AR … it was just an overnighter to eat and sleep.
That, was horrible delivery food! 
We’ve only done this one other time before, that is to order dinner from a delivery service, NEVER again.



We stopped somewhere, I can’t recall where this was, to re-fuel and look what we found!
Remember when you got a bottle of Coke for a dime? 



Another overnight pit stop in Yukon, OK. We found a grocery store for just a few essential items and dinner was in our hotel room that night as well, but NOT delivery!



I always enjoy driving through the State of Texas. I really don’t know why folks saw that it’s just flat and boring.



Just outside of Amarillo Texas is The Cadillac Ranch, a road-side attraction that I have been dying to stop at.


The wind was wiping so hard that day and it was DANG COLD, but I was determined… DH stayed in the car.
I had my can of Gold Spray Paint and I was going to “Spread Some Aloha” come hell or high water.
It had rained like cats and dogs the day before and the mud was so thick around the Cadillacs to the rear of the row, that you could only get to the first one, but I did it!

One last stop for the night in Tucumcari New Mexico, this time we stayed at the Motel Safari on Route 66 rather than a big chain hotel.
What a really cool place! DH thought that staying at one of these old motels wouldn’t be a good thing, but even he was impressed. I wouldn’t mind doing an Old Route 66 Road Trip some day 



We had linner or late lunch/early dinner at Del’s Diner. That was delicious, loved the soup and salad bar that came with the meals, but now it was off to bed for us two.

And that was it folks!
From New Mexico it’s just a hop skip and a jump back home.

This entire Road Trip from Arizona to Florida and back again took us five weeks in total. This was our third Cross-Country Road Trip, but surely not our last.

Now we’re coming up on Christmas 2019 and we’re pooped, so let’s just hang out for now, because there’s more fun on the road ahead.