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Another Food As Gifts Idea

I had 4 Hoagie Rolls, that weren’t really that great,
and I forgot about them in the pantry … they went stale 

** note to self: don’t EVER buy rolls at Safeway again 

So I ground them up pretty fine in the Food Processor,
spread them out on sheet pans, toasted them in a low oven for about 5
minutes, PLAIN, no seasonings.  I do this with any leftover, stale white bread.  Do you know how much those blue cans of Dried Bread Crumbs cost?  Rather than throw out old bread, make bread crumbs and stash them in the freezer 💡

I let them cool and packaged them all pretty like
for my Neighborhood Gal Pals. They’re in zip-top
baggies in those embellished brown paper
lunch sacks, I gotta craft it up 

I went plain so that the recipient could flavor them
as they wish for the intended recipe.

Food as gifts, for free!
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I love decorating our house for different holidays.


I saw this idea on some other social media site, I forget, but what a cute idea, right?!
Everything you see here to create this planter was from Dollar Tree, except for the Black Bucket. That’s an Ice Bucket that I’ve had for years. I simply added some floral foam, tapped it down with Gorilla Tape and stuck the flowers and leaves in. The Witches Legs from Dollar Tree, I just cut a piece of orange Pool Noodle off and slipped then Witches stockings over it, added a dowel and jabbed it into the floral foam. Her broom is a Dollar Tree Plunger handle, with a bag of Raffia artfully tied around it.



This Door Hanger is ALL from Dollar Tree! I have acrylic paints to do my Painted Rocks, so there was that… The bow is a simple Pom Pom Bow secured with a piece of Pipe Cleaner or Chenille Stem and then hot glued on to the BOO wooden sign. The three Ghosts are again from Dollar Tree that I suspended with Fishing Line, stapled to the back of the BOO sign, DONE 



The Ghosts in the tree out front are just half spheres of foam with some Cheesecloth and floral wire to hang them by, easy!


My Milk Jug Jack `O Lanterns took some time to collect. 
I saw a pattern for faces on Pinterest, printed them out, cut them out and transferred to the jugs with a black Sharpie pen. I put some sand in the bottoms to keep them from blowing `about and them cut a 3 inch “door” in the back of each jug to string some battery operated outdoor twinkle lights that I use at Christmas time. Love this!

Have a safe and fun-filled Halloween everyone!

More Crafting!

I like to change out my front door décor from time to time and went looking in my storage cabinet for something Summer-y.

I pulled this one out

… but alas, the little paper umbrellas were goners!  I just so happen to have MORE of those Cocktail Parasols, so a-crafting we shall go!




Happy Fourth Of July!

I wanted to change out our ‘wreath’ on our front window to something along the lines of The 4th of July themed …



I think this came out GREAT!

It’s dead simple too …

I just got myself a piece of corrugated cardboard, cut it into a 8″ X 8″ square

Heated up my Glue Gun

Glued down 5 pairs of inexpensive slippers (or as you may call them Flip Flops) from Dollar Tree

and lastly I hung it on the window out front with a loop of Floral Wire, stuck through the cardboard.


I hope that you and yours have a happy and safe Fourth Of July!

Meyer Lemon Curd, YUM!

I’m going to post another throwback blog post.  The reason for this is I had made a batch of my Meyer Lemon Curd with the intent to use as a filling to either Lemon Bars or Pie, but things got away from me, so I stashed it in a gallon sized zip-top bag full in the freezer for later.



We’ve been invited to many Cocktail Parties in our Neighborhood since going into SIP Mode, sitting outdoors and maintaining our Social Distance, of course.

I was trying to dream up a Hostess Gift idea, and came up with this!



I just snipped a decent sized hole in the corner of the zip-bag and piped the Curd into a cleaned and sterilized half pint Mason Jar.  The frozen Curd was still quite malleable, but do be sure that you get as many of the air bubbles out with a plastic knife before sealing the jar.  The label I made myself on my laptop, printed that out, used some Craft Glue, Clear Wrap and some leftover ribbon that I have stashed away.  I added my Calling Card for our new Neighbor who invited a bunch of us over the other evening, and …


Food As Gifts!


March 25, 2014

Years back, I use to watch Martha Stewart’s television programs and then, well you know, things happened.  One particular episode, I recall her making Lemon Curd and I thought that someday I’d try that.

My darling husband goes nuts for Lemon Meringue Pie and don’t ya know, that’s what’s in the middle of it (shhh, please don’t tell him that, he claims to HATE curd, “that sounds gross”).

I found some more Meyer Lemons of all places, at Walmart, so here goes.

Auntie’s Meyer Lemon Pie Filling

12 Egg Yolks (freeze the whites in two separate containers for later use, like frosting for a cake)

2 C granulated Sugar

6 Meyer Lemons, juiced (approx. 1 C of juice, no seeds please)

2 sticks of Butter, diced

Zest from the Meyer Lemons

This recipe makes approximately 2 pints.

In a metal or glass bowl (heat-proof), whisk the egg yolks and sugar.  Place the bowl over a pot of simmering water, making sure that the water does not touch the bottom of the bowl.  Pour in the juice and stir continually with a rubber spatula or wooden spoon for about 10-15 minutes, until the mixture thickens.  Make sure not to allow the mixture to boil.  Add the butter and stir until melted and well incorporated.  Whisk in the reserved zest.

Carefully pour the curd into sterilized jars, best to use half pints or smaller mason jars, leaving ½ inch of head space.  With a damp paper towel, wipe the rim of the jars and seal with the lids and rings.

If you would like to ‘put up’ your bounty for later consumption, process them in boiling water for 20 minutes, allow to cool overnight and store for up to one year (if they last that long).

Should you not feel so inclined to ‘can’ your curd, simply cool and then refrigerate for up to 2 weeks.

I gotta tell ya, the smell in the house was heavenly.  I got 4 half pint jars and then half of a 5th jar that I stashed in the `fridge for toast the next morning.  Not shown here was a huge dollop of Meyer Lemon Curd in my yogurt the following morning.


** Edit-2/2017- I was reading about dairy based canning recently; It is now recommended that instead of using the Water Bath method, Pressure Canning or Freezing is the preferred technique. **

Painted Rocks

And yes, this is a thing.

I started this new hobby back last Fall and I just love it.  I posted about it here on my blog and said that I was in for $41.50, well, I’ve kinda lost track as to how much I’ve spent to date 😀

Something that I learned just by chance is that if you go to your local home-improvement store, ask if they will mark-down the price on any bags of landscape rocks if the bag has been opened.  I found a HUGE bag of River Rocks for only $5, yes, FIVE DOLLARS  for half a cubic foot of very pretty stones.  If you decide to use these types of rocks or look for them in the wild, make sure that you wash them very well.  I have an old dish brush and a small bucket that I use.  So far, I’ve painted about 50 of those rocks from that sack of stones and still have plenty left.

At the local “dollar store” I found a good sized bag of assorted googly-eyes and sheets of stick on sparkles.  A little dab of Super-Glue and there you go.  Pinterest has been a great resource, but the faux-gems are my own idea.  I also have a shaker-bottle of glitter that I’ve tried out too.  I apply it while the paint is still wet, or after giving the rock a coat of Mod-Podge, either technique works fine.

But I learned the hard way, do not forget to give each Painted Rock a spray of Acrylic Clear Coat to make your master piece waterproof.  I forgot that on one, left it at our Post Box, it was still there after a coupla days, so brought it back home and doctored it.   😉

I’m Trying A Different Type Of Crafting

I had heard of Painted Rocks, Kindness Rocks, Encouragement Rocks and Fairy Painted Rocks… they’re rocks, that are painted…   😀

On one of the Food Forums that I participate in, a gal shared what she was doing and I thought, ya know, I need to find something else to do with my hands.  It’s apparent that I like to create things and I figure by painting rocks and then hiding them in obvious locations for folks to find and enjoy them… WIN WIN!!

I did some research online first and decided where I wanted to start … small, of course.

I’m in it now for $41.50, bought some rocks, gotta have some glitter and I’ve gone out and about and found about a dozen or so cool looking rocks already to paint.

I decided that since we like to travel around the Country, what I’m going to do is take some of these cuties with us and deposit them at different locales; post them up on social media sites and ask folks to take a picture and tell me where and how they found them.

Look for #SpreadSomeAloha Rocks   😉

There are several Painted Rock Groups all around the World with their own social media websites, look for one in your area and get rockin’ !!   😀

It Was Craft Day!

I really enjoy doing things with my hands, creating and not just things that involve food.  😀

I saw this darling idea for a Summer wreath on Pinterest and saved for a later time.

[Photo courtesy of]

How stinkin’ cute is this?

Here was the rub for me, I was having a devil of a time finding cocktail umbrellas!

This past May my husband and I went home to Hawaii for the month.  One afternoon we went out to lunch with an old pal and what did I spy right next door but a Party Store, YAY!  I wasn’t sure how many umbrellas I would need so I figured, what the heck, I’ll buy 3 boxes.  I mean who doesn’t smile when there’s a colorful umbrella in their drink?

So let’s get started then…

I had a light-weight Styrofoam form in my craft box but it does get a bit windy here in the middle of the desert… hmmm… 💡  I took a wooden skewer and poked two large-ish holes through the top and bottom of my soon to be door wreath.  I then ran some coated floral wire through the two holes and secured them tightly on both the top and bottom.  This way I could wire the finished project to the front screen door.

Next, I separated the different colored umbrellas for easier assembly.  The first pick I inserted was a touch long, so I still had my wire snips at hand…that worked.   I alternated the colors as well as the depth of each umbrella pick until I had the majority of the green foam covered.


How close does that look to the Pin? ⭐

Get crafting!!