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I’m Trying A Different Type Of Crafting

I had heard of Painted Rocks, Kindness Rocks, Encouragement Rocks and Fairy Painted Rocks… they’re rocks, that are painted…   😀

On one of the Food Forums that I participate in, a gal shared what she was doing and I thought, ya know, I need to find something else to do with my hands.  It’s apparent that I like to create things and I figure by painting rocks and then hiding them in obvious locations for folks to find and enjoy them… WIN WIN!!

I did some research online first and decided where I wanted to start … small, of course.

I’m in it now for $41.50, bought some rocks, gotta have some glitter and I’ve gone out and about and found about a dozen or so cool looking rocks already to paint.

I decided that since we like to travel around the Country, what I’m going to do is take some of these cuties with us and deposit them at different locales; post them up on social media sites and ask folks to take a picture and tell me where and how they found them.

Look for #SpreadSomeAloha Rocks   😉

There are several Painted Rock Groups all around the World with their own social media websites, look for one in your area and get rockin’ !!   😀


It Was Craft Day!

I really enjoy doing things with my hands, creating and not just things that involve food.  😀

I saw this darling idea for a Summer wreath on Pinterest and saved for a later time.

[Photo courtesy of]

How stinkin’ cute is this?

Here was the rub for me, I was having a devil of a time finding cocktail umbrellas!

This past May my husband and I went home to Hawaii for the month.  One afternoon we went out to lunch with an old pal and what did I spy right next door but a Party Store, YAY!  I wasn’t sure how many umbrellas I would need so I figured, what the heck, I’ll buy 3 boxes.  I mean who doesn’t smile when there’s a colorful umbrella in their drink?

So let’s get started then…

I had a light-weight Styrofoam form in my craft box but it does get a bit windy here in the middle of the desert… hmmm… 💡  I took a wooden skewer and poked two large-ish holes through the top and bottom of my soon to be door wreath.  I then ran some coated floral wire through the two holes and secured them tightly on both the top and bottom.  This way I could wire the finished project to the front screen door.

Next, I separated the different colored umbrellas for easier assembly.  The first pick I inserted was a touch long, so I still had my wire snips at hand…that worked.   I alternated the colors as well as the depth of each umbrella pick until I had the majority of the green foam covered.


How close does that look to the Pin? ⭐

Get crafting!!