Meyer Lemons Are In Season

My mother has been looking for Meyer Lemon Marmalade at every Farmer’s Market that we go to, but to no avail. I was in my favorite green grocers and they had the beginnings of this year’s crop, not a bad price either, $1.99 per pound. Being the fantastic daughter that I am, I made a batch for her, well all of us.

I did an Internet search for a sugar free recipe, but can you believe it? Not one! So, I had to piece together my own.

make sure to got out all of the seeds

I washed and de-seeded the fruit, saving the pips in a gauze spice bag for later use.

… halved, then quartered and lastly sliced the fruit as thinly as I could (I used by uber-sharp slicing knife)

… chucked the lemons along with that bag of seeds in to a non-reactive pot (I have a Le Creuset dutch oven) and just enough cool water to cover the fruit. I slapped on the lid and let it sit at room temperature for 24 hours. The aroma when you open that pot, MAN!

So now let’s cook some jam. Since we want this to be sugar free for mom, I did another search to find out about the different sugar substitutes. Splenda is recommended for canning along with a packette of ‘no sugar needed’ fruit pectin.

that's alot of Splenda

I opened a lot of packettes.

I simmered the pot of lemons and water for 10 minutes and then removed the seed-bag; continued to cook the fruit until reduced to about 4 cups. Add the sugar substitute and then the pectin, cook for 1 more minute. Carefully, I ladled the jam into my prepared jars.

Now we need to can these babies. I have a make-shift set up for canning, since I don’t do a lot of it. I wrap multiple rubber bands around my tongs, make a rack out of tin foil and use my 12 quart stock pot full of boiling water. It works for me! I bring the water to a full rolling boil and time it for 15 minutes, DING!

let the jam cool

Now I remove the jars with the tongs and rest them on some kitchen towels for 24 hours. We let them sit in the back of the cupboard for 2 weeks before we dove in.

Mom and I enjoyed ours on some biscuits. I also gave a jar to my chef-gal-pal Joey, who used it on I think she said fish and lamb chops. Well, we have no more sugar free Meyer Lemon Marmalade, so I made a batch of sugared jam, sorry mom.

Meyer Lemon Marmalade made with Sugar

It’s so pretty!


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3 thoughts on “Meyer Lemons Are In Season

  1. […] similar to the ones served by Block Six Catering, but no compote… AH! I have some of my home made Meyer Lemon Marmalade left, […]

  2. […] Our favorite way to eat these gems from Northern Arizona is just as a simple scramble made with butter for the pan (sshhh, please don’t tell my husband, he claims to HATE butter, but loves the way that I prepare his eggs), a pinch of salt and some chives. Serve it all up on a warm plate with Rye toast (lightly toasted and dry please), cold smoked salmon and some tomatoes, oh and loads of freshly cracked black pepper on DH’s plate and then for myself, Trader Joe’s whole wheat Italian bread (Tuscan Pane), butter, yes more butter and a dollop of my homemade Meyer Lemon Marmalade… […]

  3. auntiedoni December 14, 2015 at 11:01 am Reply

    Reblogged this on My Kitchen In The Middle Of The Desert and commented:

    I posted this back in 2013 on the same date. I had just been wondering when the Meyer Lemons were going to come out, now I now. So, off I go to the green grocery to pick up a couple of pounds for more Marmalade for my Mother.

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