Vera Cruz-Style Fish Our Way

In Hawaii, we ate a lot of fresh fish, in all kinds of ways, even raw!

Over here, in the middle of the desert, we’re a little leery of the fresh fish. When I found our nearest supermarket after moving, I had to turn around and walk right out. The smell was over whelming.

It’s a good thing that I can find frozen fillets just about anywhere, I feel safe using that. One problem though, it can be a touch watery and/or have mushy flesh. Not appealing when done on the grill, or for making Poke (a type of raw fish salad).

I was poking around the Internet and I kept reading about Snapper Vera Cruz. I’d never heard of it, but it sounded good. It has all the stuff in it that we like, especially OLIVES. Both my husband and I just can’t seem to get enough of them. I adapted this recipe from the Bon Appétit website. This is an easy-peasy one pan (and clean up) dish, I like that!

*This recipe will serve two very hunger adults

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Vera Cruz –Style Fish Our Way

1 15oz can diced Tomatoes, drain and reserve the liquid

¼ C. Onion, finely minced

½ C. Carrots, chopped

½ C. Celery, chopped

½ C. Red Bell Pepper, chopped

¼ C. Green Chilies, chopped (Hatch are the best or Ortega)

½ C. Green Pimento stuffed Olives, halved

2-3 cloves Garlic, minced

1 tsp. dried Oregano

1 large Bay Leaf

½ C. Chicken Broth

1 Tbsp. chopped Cilantro

1 lb. Fish of your choice (Mahi Mahi, Snapper, Cod), cut into large bite sized pieces

Salt and Pepper to taste

In a large pan over medium heat, add about 1-2 tablespoons of Olive Oil.

Sauté the onion, carrot, celery and red bell pepper until crisp-tender.

Add the oregano and garlic, stirring until you can just smell it.

Next goes in the tomatoes, bay leaf, broth, cilantro and half of the reserved juice; give it a good swirl.

Simmer for about 3 minutes; taste the sauce for S&P.

Nestle in the olives and fish, gently simmer uncovered, until the fish is half done. If the sauce has evaporated too much, add the rest of the reserved tomato liquid. Once the fish is completely cooked, serve over rice.

Some other options that you could add into the sauce: capers, raisins, parsley, pickled jalapenos. I’ve never tried this recipe with Salmon; I’m not too sure it would work.

Remember that a recipe is just a guide, make it your own.

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8 thoughts on “Vera Cruz-Style Fish Our Way

  1. auntiedoni October 23, 2014 at 2:17 pm Reply

    Reblogged this on My Kitchen In The Middle Of The Desert and commented:


  2. mimi October 24, 2014 at 5:39 am Reply

    Sistah girl I feel your pain!
    The fisherman works (lol no way is a three day wade fishing excursion work!) hard all Spring Summer and early fall to fill the freezer with fresh caught and cleaned then vacuum packed and frozen Sea Trout, Flounder and Redfish (sentimentally known as the Texas Slam).

    We usually run out of our catch sometime in Feb and have to resort to store bought for our traditional Sunday nite fish and chips feast.

    Our go to is Cod if we can find it .
    If no Cod then it is bologna 😦 ……

    • auntiedoni October 24, 2014 at 9:31 am Reply

      … 😉 not sure if bologna would work in this recipe mimi 😀

  3. mimi October 24, 2014 at 5:43 am Reply

    Forgot to give Kudos for the Veracruz dish.
    It is the only way the fisherman will eat fish that has not been dusted in cornmeal and fried lolol.
    Your recipe looks way better than mine so I will appropriate it with a wink and a hug!

    • auntiedoni October 24, 2014 at 9:34 am Reply

      … all yours sis! take it with my heartfelt warm wishes for full bellies and make it your own; hope the fisherman likes it, oh and be sure to serve this and every dish a side of ALOHA! Safe travels mimi, e hui hou

    • auntiedoni October 24, 2014 at 9:35 am Reply

      I forgot, please ‘like’ anything you see at the bottom of each post 😉

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